Birthday Math(誕生日の数学), GPS Math(GPS(位置)の数学)~人と場所をつなげる数学(算数)の旅~
Journey - mathematics that connects the people and location - (mathematics of GPS (position)) (math birthday) Birthday Math, GPS Math of (arithmetic)
伊達 政宗(だて まさむね)は、出羽国と陸奥国の戦国大名。陸奥仙台藩の初代藩主。


生誕 永禄10年8月3日(1567年9月5日)
死没 寛永13年5月24日(1636年6月27日)

辞世の句は、「曇りなき 心の月を 先だてて 浮世の闇を 照してぞ行く」。

Masamune Date is (Date Masamune), Sengoku Daimyo of Mutsu and Dewa country country. Primary lord of Mutsu Sendai clan.

Heir of (sister of top Yoshimitsu) daughter Yoshihime best Yoshimori and 16th Touche Date Date TeruTakashi Mr.. It was called posterity Dokuganryu because they blind right eye pemphigus that suffered early in life by (smallpox), and became Sekigan.

(September 5, 1567) August 3, 10-year birth Eiroku
(June 27, 1636) May 24, 2001 Date of death Kanei

(September 5, 1567) August 3, 1567, was born in Yonezawa Castle Dewa country. Childhood name is Brahma circle.
Death (6:00) May 24 Unokoku. Age at death 70 (less than 68-year-old died). The cause of death has been estimated esophageal cancer or cancer with peritonitis (esophagus cardia cancer).
Clauses Jisei is, "go each to shine the darkness of Ukiyo by Sakidate the month of the heart without the cloud."

米沢城  松が岬公園(米沢城跡)
Yonezawa Castle Matsugasaki Park (Yonezawa Castle Ruins)

山形県 米沢城の場合 (経度,緯度)=(37.90962,140.105141)
Position divination (GPS prime factorization)
The "use by GPS, to find the power of location (number)"! Longitude (GPS on), latitude, and altitude from, I examine the "power of the number" of its location on the map. If factoring, it can be seen lucky number of the place. If a prime number, it is the power spot in number. (We will check to see also point now you!)

(Longitude, latitude) = (37.90962,140.105141) case of Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa Castle
Is an integer in mega respective it. (Longitude * 1000000, latitude * 1000000) = (37909620,140105141)
Now, lucky numbers? (I great attention ... number it so much! Let's enter the number on your own!)

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